Monday, April 30, 2007

The best laid schemes of mice and men...

I had such grand plans for this past weekend. There was a Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles, there was the L.A. Times Festival of Book in Westwood and I even plan to visit a gallery showing the work of Cat Mihos but Mother Nature had other plans and stated ;"Not so fast Miss Thing; you're going no where!!!!"

The physical trauma from the car accident told another turn. This time on my female cycle! For three days I suffer the period from Hell!!!!! My bleeding was so heavy that I had to change my tampon every half hour and I bled through that so I also needed a pad! Disgusting! Glad no one reads this!

I managed to go to yoga class on Saturday but instead of doing the Art Walk, I went to my favorite Sports Bar in South Pasadena to watch the Red Sox and Yankee game. It was fun seeing the old gang again. One of the guys was in a festive mood and bought every one there a row of drinks. He got himself a mail order bride from the Phillipines. All I could think was; that poor girl! Does she know what she's getting herself into? The Bible states what good is it for a man to sell his soul for all the riches in the world - but for a Green Card? The guy is - well how can I say this without sounding too cruel, a bit of a dork. Okay a real dork. He doesn't have a car how can you live in this town without a car? Very short, a little heavy around the waist in his late forties, not attractive, bald and not the smartest guy. I mean he's nice but ............... it's diffucult to hold a conversation with him even on sports! He was always complaining how shallow American women are and he stated how he was considering getting a mail order wife from the Phillipines. But feel that this poor girl can't possibly love this guy, she doesn't even know him! I think people should ONLY marry for love. Life and relationships are hard enough; love and great sex helps so through the rough stuff.

It's odd, but this is the third guy I know at that Sport-bar that has gotten a mail-order wife. The first was the sweet late GasMan. That was a marriage in name only, he lived in Alhambra and she lived with her family in Mabilu! He was always carrying a bag full of cash, for he didn't want to put it in a bank because his ex-wife might get it. He was just weeks away from retiring when he died suddenly and that purse stuff with cash no where to be found and I'm been told he and his ex-wife bought property in Tailand. Interesting.

Then there is an old guy in his sixties that was given the handle Monsignor, don't know how he got that handle, except he was one very loud, bar know-it-all. He married a Tailand mail order wife went to Tailand to get his wife and buy some property and hasn't been seen since! One guy said last he heard he bought a lot of property out there on some some island is probably running the place. I like that idea, like Lord Jim. From male nusre to Emperor Jones.

Still, is this American Dream worth selling yourself into a loveless marriage? Or are these women being Machiavellian; marry this old geezers, wait till he dies and live like a Queen in a Third World Country?

Well, I may died a spinster but I'm too much of a Romantic for that nightmare! Marrying these guys - as sweet as they are, is like sleeping with the crypt keeper!

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