Friday, April 20, 2007

Interview with a vampire...

Still feeling dizzy and weak I went to the doctor this morning and he thinks I have internal bleeding. Great! So this afternoon I off to the hospital to have a scope put down my thoart, at least I'm reassured that I will be put out so I won't feel the pain of having a scope push down my thoart. I was informed by my doctor not to take my laptop, books or drawing pads, "I want you to rest!"stated the doctor as he garb my shoulders;"You're killing yourslef and you're not going to die on my watch!" Then he hug me and lightly kissed the top of my forehead. So I'm taking a walkman CD player, CD box set of Neil Gaiman's book "Fragile Things" to listen too and my knitting because I won't be able to relax watching network TV! Besides I find Mr. Gaiman's voice very soothing and relaxing, like having my very own story teller beside me to put me to sleep.
I'm told that after the processor (even if a transfusion is necessary) I should be released by Sunday. I hope it's nothing major. Well, at least the hospital is only ten minutes away from home.

Great hospital food , although I'm been put on a fast and have been made to drink a drink that has made my bowels as loose as a goose.

Right; I'm must pack my stuff and be off. A nieghbor is driving me and my mom to the hospital, which is great, she'll take her home and to dinner as well.

I know I'll be just fine!

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