Saturday, April 21, 2007

Breaking the prime directive....

Okay, I know, my doctor told me NOT to bring my laptop while I'm at the hospital, but my gal pal Christine knew I would go out of my bloodly mind if I have just network TV and knitting to keep me company! So this morning she brought it in , along with my mom to visit as well as my pet Guinea Pig Loki. She smuggle in Loki in her purse, then if you saw the size of Christine's purse she could smuggle in an Irish Setter!

I can't believe now much seeing that cute little critter face brighten my day!

Last night they ran the scope down my neck. I thought they would wait until this morning but due to the fact I hadn't eaten all day Friday and because it was a case of internal bleeding they had to run the test a.s.a.p. Now, I feel like I swallowed a baseball bat! My throat is so raw! This morning at 6:00 a.m. I was given my transfusion. Due to the medication I was on for my whiplash it inflamed an ulcer! I was finally given food at 11:00 a.m. and never knew such bland food could taste so good!

I was hoping my doctor would release me today but he wants to hold me her for one more day for OBSERVATION! Observe this! This place is so noisy! It's impossible to sleep!

While at least there is a Red Sox game and my laptop to keep me entertained. And I have my CD of "Fragile Things" to listen to while I knit.


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spacedlaw said...

I do hope you'll be home shortly.
It's so good of your friend to bring a little furry bundle of joy for you to cuddle.
Best wishes for a prompt recovery.