Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bit by bit putting it together

Even in the touchy, feely, new age world of yoga one must deal with the pain in the ass reality of a job evaluation! Today one of my favorite yoga teachers JM had his class evaluated. I recognized the evaluator from many a workshop flyer and from some photos in Yoga Jounral. She was certainly busy writting away while class was going on. JM was usually precise and concise with his words while leading us through our poses. He seem a little nervous aware that he was being reveiwed. But his class was wonderful as usual. I love his class because of the workout and the flow.

It's not easy teaching yoga. Even though it appears that every person who steps into a yoga studio thinks they can teach it. The yoga teacher's training sessions are always packed and yoga studios seem to becoming teachers mill. But to be a good teacher one most study more than just the poses and not just depend on a teacher's training session. One reason I greatly respect and admire Iyengar teachers is the fact that it takes up to four years to get your Level 1 certifcation. Yoga is more than just poses.

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