Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother you are growing older....

They say the mind is the first to go but that is not true. At least not always. My mother's mind is slipping but that is due to the constant pain she's under. The medication she is under subsides the pain but never completely stops it. Today she was under great apin so her mind could not focus on much else.

Today she asked me to take her to World Saving bank where she has one of her many money market account to have the interest transfer monthly into one of our checking accounts. But when we got to the bank and the young man asked her wnat she wanted she at first couldn't express her request and I had to speak for her.

It's so painful to witness this break down of such a strong woman. Growing old is so cruel! The body can be so weak.

I wish I could enlighten everyone to take care of their body and keep it strong for the body and mind is one.

This month when I was so weak and in pain due to my auto accident I knew the pain and confusion my mother is under!

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claytonia vices said...

So true! It is when we take care of our body now that it will take care of us later...