Sunday, April 8, 2007

Moses supposes his toes are roses...

Last night for Passover Channel 7 aired the classic DeMille movie "The Ten Commandments". A fun movie to watch, even though Mr. DeMille takes a lot of liberties with the Old Testament version but still that's Hollywood! I recalled while reading Mr. C. Heston's journals, he wrote that one day after shooting the big orgy scene that after retake and retake one of the extras went up to Mr. DeMille and said;"Who do I have to f--- to get out of this movie!"

And today on Turner Classic Movies they're showing the classic movie "Easter Parade" , God bless Ted Turner! What will Easter be without that delightful movie, even though it has nothing to do with Easter.

This morning I went to Center for Yoga to take a class with Miss Amy. She's a wonderful teacher but her class can be hard as nails! We did a lot of wall work , such as Eagle pose with your hips against the wall, works wonders for your hip alignment but a killer on your knees. We did a lot poses using the wall and a lot of twist poses. Which was great for my female cramps. At first I thought I wasn't going to make it to class due to my cycle cramps were so intense! My doctor took me off the pill (I 'm not on it for birth control for because of an auto accident I can't have children) I was on the pill to regulate my cycle but he said too many hormones may not be good for me. But damn; my cycles are all wacky and for the first time in ages I have these killer cramps. Well, at least the twist poses helped.

Such strange weather we're having this Easter, usually it's sunny and bright in Southern California on Easter Sunday, but today it's gray and cold and just wet enough to make me regret washing my car last week! I went to the Farmers' Market across the street from the yoga studio and bought an arm full of rich, dark blue Irises and baskets of large, juciy stawberries (I'm going to dip them in dark chocolate). Tonight I serving mom and I grilled lamp chops (with a rosemary rub), wild rice stuff tomatoes and lemon buttered asparagus and chocolate dipped strawberries with champagne for dessert.

Right, now I must go out and pick the Rosemary and lemons in my backyard.

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