Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

One reason I love about doing my yoga practice in Larchmont Village in the heart of West Hollywood is that it has a small town feeling about it. I see the same faces and a lot smile at me and know my name, like Cheers.

I prefer Peets Coffee & Tea because they play classical music, have a better outdoor seating section and I see familar and freindly faces everyday when I walk in there. Most are working on their laptops, writing that screenplay. There is one young man I knew wasn't writing a screenplay but wasn't exactly certain. We only exchange friendly hello and smiles but nothing more. Today he was sitting in a different section and I smiled at him and asked him why he change his seating arrangment. He said the Ac was turned up too high and he could take the cold blast. Then I asked him what he was writing and he stated a Fantasy Novel/Self Help book.

He spoke very eloquently (almost too acedemically). It sounded like a very ambitious project, almost herculean! But I wish him the best of luck. I was uncertain who was his target audience. I wished him the best of luck. Hope he will not only complete his novel but the will sell it. Who knows.

Today was rather rough. This auto accident has done something to my body.and my hormones. I've started a heavy flow a cycle so strong that I have to change my tampon twice an hour and I bleed though it. I hope it lighten ups soon.

Well, at least I was able to do a good yoga practice today.

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