Thursday, April 12, 2007

On a clear day take a look around you...

What a glorious day! The cold winds have cleared the skies making you be able to see for miles and miles! Went by to visit my father's crypt at Rose Hills. It's on the side of a hill and the view was just beautiful! I could see the Holywood sign the tall building of downtown L.A. and beyound! Just gorgeous!

When I worked for the City - the evil empire - I used to hate windy days for it meant me driving around like a person possessed from one tree down site to the next. Sending dispatches , writing reports and inspecting the damage. It would always be a stressful day.

Now, I love the wind and rain! Bring it on!

Still, feeling the shadow of death haunting me but it's a lovely day to be alive!

Now back to the taxes part of the day! The fun never ends.

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