Thursday, April 12, 2007

The night they invented champagne

Pop open a bottle of Moet my taxes are done! The headaches of a trust fund Princess! Still, maybe next year I won't have to do go through this headache because I'll be cozy in my own crypt space on the hill side of Rose Hills. Don't regret my decision at all, I can't do it alone or want to. Besides my favorite living writer's favorite cause C.B.L.D.F. is going to be in for some major cash!

Speaking of death Kurt Vonnegut died today. What a great loss! Loved his books and a truly orginal voice and talent.

My new afterschool yoga class starts tomorrow! Due to popular demand the local studio I teach at has given me another class. Like teaching in this small studio but know I should get my re-cert from the Yoga Works Inc. love taking classes at Center for Yoga but don't know if I'll want to teach there.

Right; now it's time for champagne!

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