Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to live, back to reality...

Oh, the ascetic life is so seductive. During the past four days all I did was eat vegan food, yoga, hike and bond with my fellow yogis & yoginis. It was sheer heaven.

Today while driving to my yoga class I noticed that all the call boxes on the freeway were taped up with a sign posted on them stating not to use but to call the number 399 on their cell phones. Excuse me? Okay, I know that most people have cell phones but not ALL people have cell phones! My ex-fiance use to take great pride in the fact that he didn't have a cell phone. And there are some poor people that just can't afford one. So what about them? Too bad you're just screwed if you brake down or heaven forbidden are injured on the 605 freeway? That's what I call democracy!

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