Thursday, October 18, 2007

Goose bumps

I drive by Rose Hills cemetery everyday and this week when I drove by I saw about 200 geese, taking a break from their flight down south for the winter. It was so cute seeing them sleeping on top of the gravestone and some were eating the flowers left on the graves, hey, those flowers won't be missed.
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minijonb said...

That's a pretty long road trip those geese make. It better be a nice resort they stay at down south.

Ash said...

Beautiful shot!

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spacedlaw said...

Don't you think they stopped at the cemetery to tell their stories of travel to the dead, so they might not feel depressed about not being able to go places (not everyone is lucky enough to be out ghosting)?

Bendtherulz said...

Very funny title...!

Came through Ash's blog - well your name caught me, as I also do Yoga...!

Will come back again.
Tk care ~

Aggie said...

Just oing for a gaggle among the graves!

Aeneas said...

Hi, there! I've been 'guided' this way by Spacedlaw after she read the beginning of my National Novel Writing Month madness, called Midnight In LaLaLand. (The story starts at the dodgy end of Sunset, near downtown, somewhere before Vermont, and will continue, I hope, all the way to the ocean.) So, here I am, saying 'hello'. I lived in Los Angeles 28 yesrs, through my school, university, my first love...

As I told Spacedlaw, I seem to be more and more attracted to using Los Angeles as my venue for my novels. The last one took place in the Bradberry (Bradburry? I can never remember how to spell the darn thing!) and Santa Monica (Not strictly LA, but who's counting.)

Hello, fellow Los Angelino! Hope you don't mind crashing in here.

My site on Live Journal, if you ever care to visit, although it's 'friends only', is for the NaNoWriMo.

Goose bumps... funny.