Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is it a bird, is it a plane....

I wasn't able to visit the main mausoleum but I plan to for I hear the art work is beautiful inside. While walking the grows a very sweet old woman spoke to me about the many legends and things she has seen. She called herself a spiritualist and often visits the grave yard after dark, (when I asked her how she got in for it's locked at night, she gave me a sly smile and said "I have my ways".), she then told me something that sounded too silly to believe. She said she use to see a man jump over the chainlink fence in a strange outfit and cape. Then she said that she learned that the actor George Reeves (the first film Superman) was buried in the main mausoleum there for his mother lived in Pasadena and had him placed there. Interesting don't you think? They didn't put that it the film "Hollywood Land"! There is a great mystery about the actor's death and the case is still open in the Los Angeles police department. Still, I find it hard to believe that a ghost will want to go through time dressed up as Superman! Can you read my mind?
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Bohemian Mom said...

I recently rented that dvd, and thought it was great.
George Reeves actually was superman in the TV series...before any movies were made.
I remember being really really young and watching episodes with my older brothers.