Sunday, October 28, 2007

A tomb with a view

I ventured out yesterday to view one of the two mausoleums on the Mountain View Cemetery. As you can see it's a beautiful, grand building that looks from the outside more like a fine art museum than a tomb for the dearly departed. I have visited to many mausoleums with great interest and delight but when I entered this one I was overcomed with a heavy feeling. It wasn't cold and quite lovely and pristine with it's white polished marble halls, plus the stain glass windows are simply enchanting and brillant in colors. But still the minute I walked into it I was overcomed with a feeling of great sadness! Odd for me, for I'm not a silly woman of nervous emotions, I rather pride myself on being quite logical. Still, the feelings were real and rather overwhelming! I didn't stay long there, despite the beauty of the place. The minute I walked out I was quite fine and upbeat again. I was told that it is haunted by more than one unrestful soul but I didn't see anything odd or hear the weeping of a lady that is legend to haunt the cold white halls with her weeping of despair.
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Ash said...

So even a logical gal got overwhelmed ???

Nice looking building!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo....interesting that you picked up on that feeling.
And I LOVE the title of this one!

Katie said...

wow. that's kind of creepy that you picked up on it.

Clare said...

Some places do have really palpable energy -- it's wild to feel that when it happens.

Greggo said...

what a cool building! i want to go there! lol.