Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm talking about the man in the mirror


Well, I'm totally pissed off! There will be a memorial service for the King of Pop at the Staple Center! Okay, fans want to mourn. I'm cool with that, but not on my dime! All the traffic control and police service will come out of the tax payer! Excuse me! We just had a raise in taxes and Public Services have been cut but the City Officials state that we can pay the small fortune it will cost to host that circus of a memorial for a dead pop-star (who's star was fading before he died)! Makes my blood boil! There wasn't such a fuss over John Lennon or Elivis death!
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Cat said...

I thought there was. I remember the BBC interrupting programming for Elvis's death,I wasn't arround then, and I know Graceland is far more remote, but still there was probably a good deal of fuss, Just like with James Brown.
Do you not recall central park and John Lennon? My friend whose apartment has a view of the park said that the city did, indeed, fall silent for the minute of silence, he said it was really eerie.

Speaking of dead folks...