Monday, July 6, 2009

Look at me....


In the 1920's we had the Lost Generation, a generation of young people who had survived the First World War, they were a bit dark, exploring hedonism for they saw some of their beloved friends of youth died, they indulged in cooktails and drugs and sex and in greed and were bitten by the Great Depression and yet they survived and raised young people to face yet another world war. This genereation produce the Baby Boomers. some became Hippies exploring hedonism calling it Free Love, drugs and sex and yet they were a bit naive and sweet, preaching peace and love. This generation produce what the writer Tom Wolfe would call the Me Generation, there was a lot of sex, cocaine was the drug of choice, hedonism was draped in Hoston, Generation X was next and safe sex, drugs and greed-real-estate the fast fix for little work and quick cash was the chosen profession and still the Internet was just a dream, now there is Twitter, My Space, Face Book and hedonism rules, sex is a given. no longer ideal talk of love & peace, martinis and drugs are the chosen recreational past time, they have been bitten like their great,great, grand parents by a new market crash but the dream of earning fame with little effort or talent is their new dream the Look At Me Generation. Just how many people can we tempt into looking into our Twitter page is the real new drug of the day and even actual, talented, people like Neil Gaiman and his new girl friend Amanda Palmer are hooked on this new high. But true art comes from within those silent moments when that inner voice of truth and beauty speak to us and plus all great art comes from hard work and if you're a writer, a poet, song-bird or painter it is done alone! It's doing the damn thing that produces great art not Tweeter away shouting "Look at me, look at me, aren't I clever!" This is a new dark age. easy money, will not be that easy, the spent generation is over one must embrace safe. It will be wonderful to see what come next!
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goatman said...

I also await the future of limited bounds. We now see a changing earth, changing demands, changing possibilities, and a future guided by different variables than the past was.
I am of the sixties and life was good. Seemed as if everyone was on the same page, songs reflected accepted beliefs and the future could only get better since the possibilities were beyond measure.
This is still true to some extent but with altered and reduced boundaries. No longer is it good to run that 325 hp GTO on leaded gas to feel the power. And carbon dioxide must be sequestered in order to keep it from the atmosphere, contributing to the warming effect and eventual sea volume increases.
Its a new world, but still full of magic and hope if you look hard enough to see it. We still are out there!

Anonymous said...

Yep ... twittering is wasted space.