Monday, July 27, 2009

We welcome you to Munchkinland...


Maybe because this was the third time I attended the ComicCon but this year wasn't that much of a thrill, over crowed and felt as if I was being pushed into a hard sell. Spend most of my time at the Hotel Del Coronado. A charming place to stay with a private beach.

The one big thrill I got was seeing the cast of "True Blood". But damn, talk about Munchkinland! Most of the cast were tiny, small people! except for the actor who plays the Viking Vampire Eric. He is truly a hottie! Very tall and handsome and I usually don't like blond men. Still, great fun hearing their remarks during a Q%&A, They film parts of the show around here in Southern California and I have seen some of the cast members walking around town. It's my favorite TV show. The books are written first person and not as sexual and a fun and thrilling page turner but the show is also well written and brilliantly acted, I look forward to each new show! And I'm not that much into vampires.

During the Comic Con I saw one of my favorite master, Fantasy writers Neil Gaiman walking around the floor with his newly, declared girlfriend Amanda Palmer. They are so well suited for each other, they reminded of that Art Major couple you see on every college campus. (Of course, a couple you see at your ten year class reunion) He in his dramatic basic black (trying so hard to look like the Bad Boy - read his Tweets and you see that he's far form a Bad Boy but one soft-hearted pussy cat in love) and she in her arty Bohemian-Thrift Store chic. Strange there is a 16 year difference between the two but she looks very mature for 33 so I didn't notice the age gap. But still, I find it ironic that if Mr. Gaiman was a woman in love and involved with a person 16 years his junior he would be lable as a "Cougar"! Still, they seem perfect for each other!

Still, the con gave me very few thrills or chills. I enjoyed more my time on Coronado Island, reading, drawing, sipping champagne on my private full ocean view veranda and walking on the beach. It was a lovely weekend with a detour.
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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice time. It sounds wonderful.

Yoga Gal said...

Thanks Aggie!

Middle Ditch said...

That sound great, walking on the beach I mean. I haven't done that for years. Am a bit envious.