Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comments from the peanut gallery

When I wrote on my Face Book page that I thought if anyone should be crowned as the "King Of Goths" it should be Stephen King, an ardent fan wrote on my wall, asking me if I ever had read the Sandman books. I wrote back that I had and that I greatly love them! Then I wrote back to him. had he ever read, "The Stand"! The the young man response was, well, he would rather hang out with Neil Gaiman than with Stephen King. At first, I was rather confused with this declaration. I would love to be able to spend an evening with Stephen King discussing things that make our skin crawl over a glass of wine but I would also enjoy eating sushi and drinking sake with Neil Gaiman, discussing the power of myth. But then, I realized that one thing that makes Mr. Gaiman so bloody interesting is not just his amazing talent but the amazingly talented people he has as friends. From his very talented P.A. The fabulous Lorraine, to his web wizard Dan Guy,Cat Mihos, the beautiful goddess Malena Teves and the musical Olga Nunes and let's not forget his bride to be, the amazing Amanda Palmer! If you ever have a chance to see her perform, you must go! She is more a performance artist and not in the cheesy over the top way of Lady GaGa! It would appear to be a friend of this gifted writer, you must be gifted too! Yes, I would love to hang out with that group as well, but my talents fade compared to theirs!

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Cat said...

Hope your feeling better, I'd settle for cocoa at home with a good friend myself ;-)