Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll build a staircase to paradise...

One good thing about illness is that it gives one the free time to read those books you have piling up by one's bedside. You know that pile of books that are your most read one of these days? A few days ago I saw a current film version of the classic H.G.Wells "The Time Machine". It was one of those film version that made me wonder if the writers, producers and director had bothered to even read the novel?It was so off the mark the only thing they got correct it seem to be the title! Instead of making the Eloi the small, fair and androgynous people they were in the look they made they dark skin, native looking people who could have the physical force to kick the ass of the Morlocks.

I wrote in my FaceBook wall how being so ill made me feel like I was a Morlock , living in the dark and not being able to take the sunlight. When I wrote and ask did anyone know who the Morlocks were my friend who claimed to not only read SF Fiction but write it as well stated they were clueless to the reference! Excuse me; now can you claim to love Science Fiction and not have read H.G. Welles? That like stating you were an English Lit major and never had read Shakespeare! Only two people knew what I was talking about : one an old friend who does read SF and the other a friend who son loves computer games and they're charcters in a game.

However, bad the film was, it did inspire me pick up the book and read it again! It's a wonderful novel!