Friday, January 22, 2010

Hat full of rain

Talk about your bad rain karma; all week it has been pouring down rain, this afternoon the sun actually came out and I thought, "Glory be!", I can go out and run a few errands. I needed to pick up the mail at my post office box, as well as stop by the local hospital to pick up a prescription for mom. The sun was shinning with all it might but as soon as I parked my car in the hospital parking lot, the rain came down in buckets. And not just a straight down pour but the wind was blowing it right into my face. So when I walked into the hospital, my makeup was washed off, my hair fuzzed out and I looked like the proverbial drown rat! "Find" I though,"I have no one to impressed" No sooner did that thought cross my mind than the handsome doctor, that was so kind to my mother in the ER, Dr. Abbid Shah, walked by me. Isn't it ironic? Not that I have any romantic designs on the good doctor, it's just that running into handsome men always makes me appearance aware. It's the same feeling I get whenever an A-List actor comes into my yoga class, somehow I regret not putting on any makeup. However, handsome doctors are like A-List Actors, so involved in their own reality that they are unaware of others around them. The good doctor didn't even see me:; no doubt he had better things on his mind, such as saving a life! One creepy thing I did noticed while picking my mother's prescription and walking through the hospital, was that the hospital lobbies were packed with people! It was unreal! I never seen so many people in the waiting areas! Is this due to the rain? People in California just don't know how to drive in the rain and the freeways look like a war zone from the flashing red lights of auto crashes. Or maybe this flue business is really as dangerous as the press say. I'm clueless; just notice that there was a lot of traffic in the hospital today! Heaven help us! At least the rain is starting to let up, tonight is beautiful and rain free. However: I must confess, I love falling asleep with the sounds of rain outdoors and thunder storms just fill me with a rush of lush! It's that inner Goth Goddess in me, I guess. This week, has been the ONLY week, I longed to have a man in my bed! Love has left such a bitter taste in my mouth, I don't care If I NEVER fall in love again. So, I pacified those amorous feelings brought on by the rain, by re-reading Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights".

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Cat said...

Looks like we have a few rain free days this week before another storm comes in.