Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The King is dead: long live the king!

I just read a profile on Neil Gaiman, in "The New Yorker" magazine, calling him, "The King of the Goths"! Excuse me:: who died and crowned him king?

Now; don't get me wrong! I believe Neil Gaiman is an AMAZING talent! His novel "America Gods" converted me to Horror/Fantasy Fiction. Before I read that book, the only work of Fantasy fiction I read were the three Lord of the Rings; and that was when I was in college and dating a handsome, tormented artist ,who's dream was to illustrate a graphic novel version of the series. (Can you imagine the volumes of those books!) It wasn't until I read Mr. Gaiman's dark tale of Shadow and his encounters with displaced Old World Gods, that I started to become a fanatic fan of dark tales of the macabre. His short stories are full of twisted wit and dark humor.

However: he's far from being the "king" of the sinister genre! There are far too many writers that are not only his equal but surpassed him. Christopher Moore novels are brilliant with wit , his first novel ,"Practical Demonkeeping" is a must for fans of Horror fiction! And other names, such as Joe Hil (Heart Shape Box & 20th Century Ghosts)l, Charlaine Harris (novels that the wonderful show "True Blood"),just come come to mind:hell, not to mention Stephen King! If any Horror/Fiction writer should be crown with such a title it should be Stephen King!

To be fair on the so called Dream King Gaiman, he does have an enormous number of devoted fans. (I confess, I'm one of those fans!) I also I noticed that the New Yorker writer who pen the profile was female and Mr. Gaiman can be as charming as the devil himself. And even though he's greying. his face is starting to shows the sagging signs of age and he is beginning to have a older man's gut (Amanda take your man to yoga class) he still can be said to be an attractive, handsome, mature man! So maybe, he charm himself into that crown?

The king is dead: long live the king! But remember Mr. Gaiman:"Heavy hangs the head that wear the crown".

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