Thursday, June 12, 2008

I feel pretty

Yesterday morning I was watching one of those mindless morning shows whose target audience are women! This morning they showed two little girls who were just nine years old and already were obsessed with what clothes they wore and full on make-up! They wore make-up and spend more time blow-drying and flat-ironing their hair then I do! What nine year old needs to wear foundation for crying out loud!?

I blame the mother's for these over, self absorbed, beauty princesses! If my little girl told me she could only wear designer clothes and full make-up I would tell her "Not on my watch!". These mothers were both very over weight and didn't wear as much make-up and not at all designer clothes. It seem to me that these women were living through their daughters. They claimed that they were concerned about there daughter's self-absorbed obsession with outward beauty but they seem to me like drug dealers supplying their daugthers with their daily fix.

Why do these little girls think they need make-up in the first place? To attract male attention? What nine year old boy is going to get turned on with a nine year old girl who wears more make-up than their mothers!

They ended the program stating these little girls were starting to obsess about their weight!

But that's no big surprise. Most women's mantra seems to be "I have to lose weight!". When I worked for the City of _________ all the women ever talked about was their kids (never their husbands) and what diet they were on or going to start and what they were going to eat for lunch.
My ex boss made losing weight and staying thin the great quest for her life. She was obsessed with exercise and more important what she didn't eat. This woman was tiny! A small , mean-spirited, jealous, petty woman who's ears were always open to the latest gossip that put another person down. But I always wondered why she was so concerned about her body image since she made it clear she didn't like sex. She was married and always stated she didn't liked to be touch! She even stated she even didn't like being hug by her own two daughters! I always thought that she must had be abused as a child for she made it clear she didn't like men. Okay, bad stuff happens so, if you don't like men why do you do everything to have a slim , lean body image and why was she so jealous of women who did receive male attention? It was maddening .

Okay, if you go by what's on the news racks were appear to be a shallow world .

But I was wondering. What is the true worth of beauty?

If you had a wizard or a fairy Godmother come down and say to you, "I am going to grant you the gift of great beauty but there is a twist." You can be seen as the most beautiful woman in the world but will never be loved for who you are and all your lovers will leave you or you can look beautiful ONLY to the man you love, who will love you passionately, always be faithful to you and you alone, and even in your old age see you as nothing but beautiful and never leave you, what will you choose?
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spacedlaw said...

Second one, obviously, since I think beauty is a curse.
So much make-up on such young kids cannot be good for their skin. People are silly.

Ash said...

I am neither "slim" nor have clear smooth skin...and I can totally relate to this beauty madness. People DO make a big deal of it.
9 year olds wearing making up is totally absurd!!

Thank God for people like you :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

The world is so messed up. I thought it was tough growing up as a girl but it's even worse now. I remember girls saying I should wear makeup because I am so ugly. At least I was 11 at the time, not 9.

I am lucky enough that the Goddess has sent me one man who sees my beauty and that makes me very blessed.

Rachelle said...

Wow, your ex-boss sounds REALLY pleasant! ;) I imagine working for her must've been quite hellish.

When I first lost my job, I got lured into watching some of those shows about issues like these 9-year-olds... but then I decided I don't even want to know that stuff goes on and I turned the TV off. I felt much better after that!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Eh, love and support and faithfulness trumps aesthetics anyday, in my book.

That said, I think when you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself, and are more open to other people feeling good about you, if that makes sense?

Encouraging children to hide behind makeup takes it too far in the other direction, though. There's a fine line.

EmilyLady said...

Sometimes it's not that a woman (or girl) wants to impress men, or a particular man, but that she cares very much about how the entire world sees her. I know that when I was extremely concerned with my weight (from the time I was perhaps eleven to the time I was about thirteen), I wasn't thinking much about boys or men, but about other people in general. Even now, at fifteen, I don't find myself particularly concerned about sexual relationships specifically when I'm upset about my appearance -- whether it be weight, acne, or oily hair (believe me, there are more).

Abuse, on the other hand, can be deeply complicated. Your ex-boss might have been afraid of being touched but still really wanted the love of other people.

In answer to your question, no.


Hammer said...

I am totally against little girls wearing grown up clothes and makeup.

They just need to be kids. I am also reminded of the Jon Bonet Ramsey case.

To me women who do this to their little girls have a screw loose.

EmilyLady said...

You only get to be kids for so long. Even now, at fifteen, I find make-up tremendous fun to put on but so annoying to wear for more than five minutes that I just don't!


minijonb said...

i'm kinda turned on by that fairy godmother...

= : - )

Aggie said...

I'd rather have the faithful fella who loves me for me and to hell with having great beauty for it's own sake. The flesh dies away ... and that's that. We need to concentrate MORE on being good people to each other.