Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And remember, the balcony is closed


Last year while doing research on hauntings in Southern California area I found several stories of hauntings in the old Rialton theater in South Pasadena. Now closed, it was one of the old grand movie's houses that were built when movies houses had stages and balconies. One story I came across was rather heartbreaking, it was reported that a young teenage girl killed herself by slashing her wrists in the woman's bathroom then walks back to the balcony and jumped off. Now, what was going through this poor girl's head? There have been reports that a young female figure can be seen walking around the rim of the balcony.
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Anonymous said...

Oh the poor thing. Wouldn't that be bad enough, then having to hang around and haunt the place for all time as well after. Do you get "Lisa Williams - Life Among the Dead" over there? She is a physic/medium working out of L.A. Fascinating stuff.

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, that is a very powerful and crazy story! Too bad the place is closed, perfect for a ghost investigation. Fab photo!