Thursday, October 23, 2008

A witch exposed


"(that day is euery Prime, when Witches wont do penance for their crime)" Edmund Spenser

On Mentor Street in north Altadena there is a row of small versions of craftman style houses that have seen better days. The block was once known as "Bungalow Heaven" , these were the days when homes were built with built in china cabinets with cut glass window panes and bookcases, dining room , cute tiled kithens and long porches you could sit out a lazy afternoon on and watch your neighbors walk by. The neighborhood may have gone to seed but the charm of these well designed homes can still be enjoyed. Among these charming homes built in the 1920s there stands a white, Victorian style farm house, the children in the neighborhood call it the "Witch's House". People claim you can see a woman dressed in white pacing up and down the porch as soon as twilight falls. Even in the cold winter months you can see this woman clad in only this white dress pacing up and down the porch. Some claims she sometimes is holding a candle or is seen standing in the center of the porch looking out to the horizon as if she is looking for someone. This home was obviously built when there were only farms in the area and native Americans was a real threat to the locals. They could attack and quickly escape to the foothills. Maybe this woman is waiting for a family member who went out for the day and never returned. Hope never dies.
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Aggie said...

Wouldn't the spirit of the one she is continuously waiting for have returned long since? Perhaps they wait so long, they don't know their loved one when they arrive? Or, perhaps, her loved one returned safely and she was so grateful, she still lights the lamp/candle to show others the way. Her way of saying thank you maybe?

Yoga Gal said...

Good ideas aggie!

Middle Ditch said...

Oh I love that house. Can I have it?

I have seen 'the white lady' as she is called. She is waiting for her lover to return and take her in his arms. She has been waiting for hundreds of years. It's so sad.

Bridget Jones said...

Thanks for the story and the pic. Perfect timing!