Friday, October 31, 2008

What becomes a legend most


What a lovely Halloween!

Started the day with a book signing at Vorman's Bookstore in Pasadena of the great S.F. legend writer Ray Bardbury.

Poor dear man. He's almost blind, deaf, in a wheel chair and made strange old man sounds as he did the best he could to sign each book. We were limited to one book only.

I once had lunch with the man. A male friend of mine is a good friend to him. But I didn't say a word, just sipped my wined and listened.

Then I went home and got ready for the Halloween events. Scroll down for the events. I even posted a photo of me in witch's makeup

My neighborhood has mosly Mexican American kids and they're so sweet and polite and the mothers usually make the costumes for their kids no store bought costumes for them. Still a very sweet group of kids all said "Thank you".
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cherry girl said...

We had less trick or treaters this year - which my children were pleased about as they get to eat the left over candy! It seems you get a better quality of home made costume where you live, there was a lot of bin bags tied around the neck as a witches cape lol I remember I had a witches costume my mum made out of black bin bags and I didn't mind one bit :)

Loving the photographs!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time. The photos are great.

Anonymous said...

That's sad about Ol' Ray. But at least he's hanging in there, right?

You got better looking trick-or-treaters than we did, and in fact, you show more of them on this page than what we got.
I like your little 'grave yard'.