Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ghostly reflections in a koi pond


"I read once that carp don't have set life spans. They don't age like we do. They die if they're killed by people or predators or disease, but they don't just get old and die. Theoretically they could live for ever." Neil Gaiman from "The Goldfish pool and other stories"

Before I read this short story by Neil Gaiman's in his collection of short stories, "Smoke and Mirrors", I never thought much of koi, except that they were beautiful fish and peaceful to watch, now I see them in a more magical light. Koi can live for hundreds of years.

In Pasadena there is this tiny gem of a museum called the Pacific Asia Museum. Doing research, I couldn't find out for certain if it was built to be a museum for I also found information that may have first been built to be a private residence for a weathy Asian merchant but so much of Los Angeles' history is clouded in mystery it's often difficult to get to the truth.

The museum is tiny but charming with some of the most beautiful jade pieces you ever could dream of seeing. It's believed that this museum is haunted by the previous owners of these lovely objects of rare and beautiful jade. Satin robed figures have been seen ascending the lotus blossom stairwell in the courtyard.

Ghostly figures have also been seen sitting on the rocks and rim around the koi pond looking down on the koi as they swim through the lily pads. Guess they're visiting their old fish friends.
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Bridget Jones said...

beautiful, mysterious and spooky. Thanks for that post, YG.

Sacred Suzie said...

I think they must be fishy immortals, that's amazing! Like elves with gills. They are revered in Japan for their longevity.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Perhaps the ghosts look after them all the while wishing they had had their longevity in life. If only such creatures could talk ... what wisdom would they pass on?

Middle Ditch said...

They can live on for ever if they stay healthy? Wow!

Why can't we?