Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fever pitch

My fever still hasn't broken and until this fever breaks I'm stuck in this ice box of a prison! I want to ask my gal pal Christine to bake me a cake with a file in it! I'm going bananas! At least there is baseball on this afternoon but watching baseball without a beer and a hotdog just seems unAmerican! Speaking of food I still haven't eaten! I'm dying for a soild meal! What is your favorite comfort food? Mine is mac and cheese. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson brought mac and cheese to America?
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Greggo said...

is there a difference between 'comfort food' and 'soul food'? in any case, the food that makes me feel good is good quality mexican food. my sister-in-law is mexican, and is the best cook i've ever encountered. sadly, i moved 2000 miles away from her, and there aren't even any decent mexican restaurants in the area where i live now. :-(

sorry you're still locked up. i hope you feel better - and get set free - soon! take care, sweetie!


Yoga Gal said...

Comefort food / soul food? HUMMMMMMMM - I don't know, think they're the same. Greggo your answer made me crave a good taco! Mexican food can be the best!

spacedlaw said...

Oven roasted potatoes, I think.
With some rosemary and possibly some nice roasted chicken on the side.

Comfort food are usually simple. I am yet to meet somebody who would admit to Tournedos Rossini as being their cushion against life's blows.

cherry girl said...

Hold in there girl, your fever will break and you will be out of there and on solid food - chowing down on mac and cheese before you know it. HOpe you can get out of there soon.

Ash said...

Comfort food ? Chocolate cake!

You are going to be fine soon. Take care. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

minijonb said...

I like chicken cavatappi. It's Italian mac and cheese with chicken and a few leafy green and red things. Yum.

Clare said...

Hi Yoga Gal! I am so sorry you're still in there -- I'd come visit you if I lived in L.A. And I'd sneak you in some mac and cheese. My favorite comfort/soul food is cheese pizza with garlic powder and fine black pepper on it, from Extreme Pizza. I add the garlic and pepper. It's awesome. I had it last night. I also like a really juicy cheeseburger from In N Out Burger -- yumbo. I sure hope your fever breaks soon. Do you at least have a view from your bed --any interesting sites outside? Are you allowed to walk around with your I.V. pole outside the room? Here's lots more hugs. I'll stop back later to give more.

claytonia vices said...

Phew! Came back to ur blog now and am relieved to know it's not cancer!

For me comfort food and soulfood are nearly the same. I love to have a hot bowl of noodles with Sambar flavour. Have u ever eaten Sambar rice? It is a mouth watering South Indian preparation. :)

Love and HUGS! :)

-K- said...

Altho I have no idea which hospital you're in, I have nothing but bad memories about the food at Cedar Sinai. But I'm glad you're well enough to crave mac and cheese, that would get my vote too.

Clare said...

Hi Yoga Gal! How's it going today? I hope the fever has cooled down and that you are feeling ok. Here's a big truckload of hugs!!