Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Food glorious food....

Today I actually got to eat soild food, nothing like the tasty treats you ladies and gent wrote about, I would kill for mac & chees, chocolate cake, chocolate martini! But the food was bland but tasted good! For breakfast I got a soft boiled egg, toast , apple juice and heral tea, lunch a tasteless turkey burger, apple slices, apple jucie and herbal tea, waiting with baited breath for dinner. My temp is still in triple digits but dropping, I may be able to go home by Thursday, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Still, in isolation only my mother is allowed in my room. But to answer Clare's question I do have a lovely window view of the Santa Gabriel mountains. Have to stay in my room through.
To answer a question the difference between Soul Food and Comfort Food, I believe Soul Food has to do with your ethnic background or a national cuisine. But there are foods that when I smell them bring me back to my Grandmother's kitchen. Peppers roasting for an example. Where Comfort Food is any food that makes you feel good and you don't care about the calories count, that is more to do with rich stuff that's put in on it like butter and cheese and whole milk. Like chocolate cake, mac and cheese, pizza, burgers , tuna casseole, cheese cake and all this talk about food is making me hungry.
Thanks for all the good karma and love you've been sending! Makes me feel better.


-K- said...

I haven't thought about tuna casserole for years. I could walk down the street right now to Ralphs or, if I'm feeling rich, Bristol Farms, get the fixings for it, cook it up and have it for lunch tomorrow. And the watch "The Wind That Shakes The Barley".

And maybe I will.

(I usually don't go into too much detail with my comments but I figure you've got the time to read everything.)

spacedlaw said...

Hooray for progress !

Ash said...

Great to hear you've started taking solid food.

When you're back home, I'll send you lots of chocolate cakes!

Take care!


minijonb said...

Are you dreaming about food?

Keep that fever low. Drop the core temp a bit. Can you do something like an ice bath to keep cool?

Clare said...

Hi Yoga Gal! This is so exciting that you get to eat real food!! That's a good sign. I adore tuna casserole, especially when the top gets all browned and crispy. The view from your room sounds really pretty -- I bet the mountains get that really nice pink and purple color at sunset. Hopefully you can go home tomorrow -- I'll cross my fingers for you. Here's a bunch more hugs to last until I check back in a while.