Monday, February 4, 2008

How much wood can a Woodchuck chuck wood...

Some of you asked about Ground's Hogs Day.

Like most old traditions there are more than one story.

I always hear it was a Native American tradition. That the Native American's always watch the animals come out from hiberation (around every Feb) if the critters went back to their comfty dens they knew that Winter weather was going to last a while longer.

The Ground Hog is also called a Woodchuck ( rodent Marmota Monax) related to the squirrle.

The tradition of "Ground's Day" came from the early German immigants that celebrated the feast of "Candlemas" know as the Feast of the Presenation of Jesus to the Temple. When the priest would bless the beeswax candles with aspergillum (Holy Water), these candles were to be used throughout the year.

On this feast day the European people watched the animals come out of hiberation for the same reason the Native American watched their native critters.

So keep an eye out on your local wildlife.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I see now. I know squirrels ... even though they are not prevalent here either ... but I know them from Britain.
Cute the way traditions start. I'm not sure what wildlife we would look to here to sort out weather. I just know my cat dives under the bedclothes and snuggles up if it's cold out. She likes to burrow that's for sure.

Hammer said...

I never knew that. thanks for the history/nature lesson!

Blue said...

Does that include the primaries?

Mich said...

Wow! I love that!!


Reeta Skeeter said...

Interesting info that!