Thursday, February 7, 2008

A man's home is his castle...

Well, now I heard everything!
This morning while listenting to the radio this female Financial Guru said that if a single woman wants to find a husband her best advice is to BUY A HOUSE!
Excuse me?
The attach photo of this cute little house in South Pasadena is a home valued at over eight thousand dollars! Yes, welcome to California real estate. If I could afford to buy a house on my own income why do I need a husband. As soon as I marry my humble home become community propriety!
So Ladies I guess if you're looking for your prince charming you must supply him with his castle!
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Journey Through Life said...

Well I'm living proof that THAT idea doesn't work. I bought a unit 9 years ago and then sold it and bought a house 4 years ago. Still single!!! :)

Mich said...

Damn ... I believe roles HAVE reversed ... I don't know how many men I've gone out with in the past couple of years who have asked how much I earn ... they freak out when the realise I usually earn more than them...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds like a pre-nup would be an absolute before getting married if you are a single woman property owner.
Phew what prices there.
I thought they were bad here and I just managed to buy a place ... however humble, but its a great location.

Bridget Jones said...

I'm with JTL. Have been in this house (and IT owns ME) for 12 years or so.

So where's my guy? Have had the same experience as Mich, which is why I retired from dating. Ewww.

But in Canada, if you owned it before being married, you can make a good case for keeping it. Really. I supported my ex in a similar way, and he didn't succeed in ripping me off (mind you my lawyer was great).