Saturday, February 2, 2008

Me and my Shadow....

Well, brace yourself and don't pack away those winter sweaters, Punxsutawney Phil (this is not P.P. but my own stuff ground hog Shadow) anyway the ground hog saw his shadow so six more weeks of cold winter weather. BURRRRRRRRRRRRR. However, living in Southern California I love our cold winter, which usually translate as rain. I love the rain even though most Southern Californian drivers are clueless on how to drive in the rain! Slow down for crying out loud!
Still, don't know how Phil could see his shadow. They yank the poor critter out his little home at the crack of dawn!
Still, Happy Ground Hog's Day!!!!!
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Reeta Skeeter said...

Hehe Cute post that!
And lovely pic!

Mich said...

Shadow is v. cute. Mind you, when I first saw him he reminded me of a wombat :-)

As for Ground Hog's day ... we definitely don't have that one down-under ... but happy Ground Hog's Day anyway!


Anonymous said...

very nicely captured shot!

Anonymous said...

Argh! I am so sick of winter!
And very disappointed that the groundhog saw his shadow.
Your stuffed one is SO CUTE!!
Great pic!

Clare said...

Hi Yoga Gal! Very sweet photo -- Shadow is adorable. I'm glad you are feeling better. I also like the rain, even though people drive crazy up here too. Maybe it will be better when cell phones are banned while driving! Have a great week.

David said...

Oooooh, today was Ground Hog's Day... that's why I got up from bed at 6 pm, I thought it was because I was dancing last night and I came back home at 7 am :P

Nice to see you again, my Yoga-friend. When are you going to slip your real name to me?

I like your pics :) everytime

Anonymous said...

We don't have Ground Hog day down here ... we don't even have groundhogs. I'm not sure what they are, but the one in the photo is very cute.
Happy Groundhog day anyways.
(What makes the groundhog such an expert on winter in particular?)

Mandy said...

I've watched the groundhog day movie a number of times but until yesterday had no idea it had anything to do with seeing shadows!

minijonb said...

I'm very tired of winter already. How much do I need to pay the groundhog to get some spring action?

Katie McKenna said...

So cute!