Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A place in the sun...

Today, I drove my mom up to Big Sur for lunch and to just reconnect with my past. When growing up, every summer my family would go up the coast to camp and enjoy the beautiful nature of our Californian forests. Then it was easy to believe in fairies and magic for the woods were filled with beauty and mystery. While driving home we stopped my a vista point to look at the elephant seals at rest. Yes,those are seals not rocks. They looked like they have been machined gun for they didn't move just basked in the sun. It make me think how hard it is for us thinking beings to just set out in a place in the sun and to think nothing but experience the warmth of the sun. While walking on the beach I see people walking with their dogs, jogging getting into shape, walking with a friend talking away but few people I see are just being in the moment. That's why it's so hard to teach meditation for we feel like we always must be "thinking" something. Not just enjoying and taking in the joy of just being, like these darling seals. They don't worry is they look fat or what they have to do when they get home. They just enjoy their place in the sun!
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