Friday, February 1, 2008

My funny Valentine...

Ekk! February already! My least favorite month because my least favorite holiday is coming up "Valentine's Day"! The day that can make any wonderful, talented and beautiful woman feel like a loser because she doesn't have that special date. Even when I was in a relationship my Valentine's day sucked! My worst Valentine date was when I was with my then fiancee got ill on the rich Valentine's dinner and throw up , plus has another mess come out of his back end all over the bathroom floor and I had to clean up after him! Now that's love! Still, this jerk broke our engagement viva the telephone! What a coward! So excuse me if I'm bitter! Think, I'm going underground until Valentine's Day passes by!
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Mich said...

I hear you, I hear you!

I'm scheduling in some special "ME" time on Valentines Day: I have a session with my life coach in the morning, followed by a private lesson with my pilates instructor in the evening.

If I can't be in love and be loved on Valentine's Day this year, I'm going to love myself instead!


ps. thanks for dropping by Rainbow Dreams and please feel free to participate at any time you feel called to. All my personal ramblings go into Infinite Bliss!

Yoga Gal said...

Your "Me Day" sounds wonderful! Spoil yourself on Saint Valentine's Day; beats a dozen red roses that will die before the week is over.

Journey Through Life said...

I understand completely and totally! I always dread Valentines Day.
My last relationship didn't even call me that day last year.
A previous one only remembered one of our Valentines together because at the time, he was working at a florist. That year, I got flowers on my doorstep. Fancy that.
This year will no doubt consist of me trying not to think of a certain someone and wishing things were different!
Life is what it is. And somehow you gotta find the gratitude!

Anonymous said...

Yup. V/Day sucks. Sounds like you were lucky not to end up with Mr Inconsiderate. Who needs it! What a plonker aye?
Treat yourself and ya boo hiss to those who missed out on you!

ANNA-LYS said...

( ¸¸.*

Z said...

We stopped bothering about Valentine's Day several decades ago. Just so artificial and commercial, I don't care for it at all.

spacedlaw said...

I hate it too because it IS purely commercial AND indeed it does make people feel bad in a most unfair way, like children shut out of a marvelous nursery filled with toys. The toys are but an illusion but the hurt is real.
Get yourself a nice ME day too, why don't you?

Anonymous said...

And what a LOSER!
I haven't had a boyfriend on Valentine's day for years now...whatever.
I'll just buy myself the discounted chocolates the day after and pig out!

Reeta Skeeter said...


Katie McKenna said...

Just ignore the day, I do! :)