Friday, August 1, 2008

Close Encounters of the third kind....

"It seems the only thing that you have inherited from your mother, is her natural ability to piss people off." Roberta Muldoon (The World According to Garp"

The only natural talent I seem to been given is the ability to put my foot in my mouth and piss people off! No one seems to understand my rather dark sense of humor and the that a quote from Britney Spires "Oops I did it again!

On the registation day of the Comic Con , Wednesday, I went to the Marriot bar/lounge area to enjoy a drink while I waited for the floor doors to open. ( God bless the geeks of this world because although the groups were massive I got my con badge and stuff really quickly so I had time to kill before the floor open.) I was sitting enjoying my cocktail, when this white hair, old, thin man wearing a wrinkled shirt and shorts sat next to me. At first I was going to just ignored him , for being a rape survivor has made me withdrawn, reserved and weary of all strangers. But he was so warm, friendly and garrulous that he engaged me into a conversation. At first I wasn't aware that he was with the Comic Con let alone a feature artist there. Then he told me his name was Edward Campbell and that inner light bulb flashed in my my mind. "Oh, yes, Neil Gaiman has written about you in his blog!" He then told me that Neil Gaiman posted a photo of him on his blog when he was visiting Melborne. The man was just as sweet as can be, although he had no interest in me as a person, he never asked me what I did, or if I was married or asked any questions about me. He told me about how his over twenty year friendship with Neil Gaiman and all the books he wrote and how he wasn't exactly thrilled with the film production the film based on his book "From Hell". He mentioned he was married and he said his wife's name but he gave me so much information I didn't know if it was Anne or Alice or whatever. He was a enchanting , captivating speaker and I greatly enjoy our one sided conversation. So I wrote on his blog how much I enjoyed his conversation and asked why when Neil took a photo of him he didn't take a photo of his wife Alice or was it Anne. Next thing I read some blogger asking "who the fuck is Alice?" Sorry, that evening he gave me so much information I couldn't remember everything the man said! Damn! Well, he was so interesting an kind I went to Amazon and ordered his books. I had to input books by Eddie Campbell to pull them up. They should be a great read for he was a great man to chat to.

I hope I didn't get the sweet old man in trouble!
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Cat said...

Glad you had a good time at the con.

Happy Lammas!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Information overload. Glad you had a good time.

David said...

Hehehe, I don't think you got him in trouble. Perhaps just a tiny bit of thrill, nothing more.

By the way, I believe I am a natural pissing people off too, although presently I have mastered the hiding of that flaw. I now know that I must be really careful, so I think twice what I'm gonna say.

Glad to be reading you again :)

Rachelle said...

Omg, I was in San Diego the weekend of Comic Con too!! I wasn't actually at the convention, but I was in the Gaslamp a few nights... our paths may have even crossed!

Bridget Jones said...

Ditto, glad you had a great time. We sound a lot alike, and I'm gonna remember that quote!!