Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sing out Lousie -SMILE BABY - Mama Rose - Gypsy


People always say that people from L.A. are shallow and surperficial about their appearance but it seems that concern over superficial beauty is universal on this planet. The Chinnese Olmypic committee picked a cute, pretty little girl to lip sing while another (also cute girl sang off stage) because they wanted the world to see only pretty people. How shallow can you be? It isn't enough to have talent?
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Anonymous said...

Well it sure back fired on them didn't it.

Dr. Jay SW said...

Kind of reminds me of Milli Vanilli--two pretty boy models who got hired to lip sync for what turned out to be hit Grammy winning songs sung by overweight older guys. Of course, that famously bit them in the ass just like this incident's doing to China. Then, who knows how often this kind of stuff happens and we don't find out about it.