Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Punch drunk


One thing that is disheartening about living in L.A., the so called "Entertainment Capital of the World" , is the fact that the locals don't support small live theater. Unless it's a full blown production such as "Wicked" most small theater productions are ignored; pity! I was so thrilled to attend the gala evening of the Rogue Artists Ensemble's production of "The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch". A rather dark tale based on the graphic novel of Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean. The production was dark and magical and did full justice to Mr. Gaiman's dark wit and themes as well as captured the beauty and wit of Dave McKean's art work. I also had the pleasue of meeting Dave McKean and his charming wife (another six degrees of Neil Gaiman moment). The Rouge players were wonderful as well as the staff of the Bootleg Theater were open, kind and friendly! Plus, due to being a gala I enjoyed free food, cocktails and the music from a great band before the show and you won't get that seeing "Wicked"! Scroll down for more cool shots of the evening.
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Anonymous said...

Wow those puppets look fantastic. I bet it was a great show.