Monday, August 11, 2008

Take a virtual tour of the Comic Con


Before attending the Comic Con I was turning into a bit of an agoraphobic! Wandering around shell shock, I just wanted to stay safe in my cave but going to therapy forced me to ventured out of my comfort zone, so I went to the Comic Con and glad I did. Where else can you sip cocktails and enjoy an amazing conversation with the charming and talented Graphic Novelist Eddie Campbell,enjoy a quick chat with the brillant writer Joe Hill and meet not one but three Captain Jack Sparrows? Then kick back after a day of pounding a beat on the convention floor , sipping more cocktails with a full ocean view!

Scroll down for con photos. to get the full slide show you must hit older posts about five times but the photos do give you a good idea what the Comic Con is like. No Neil Gaiman this year but you can't have everything but I met and I got my "MirrorMask" book signed by that genius artist Dave McKean!
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Anonymous said...

Well, many thanks for the virtual tour. I've never been to one of these things, although the thought of such is very attractive!
Sounds - and looks - like you had a good time!

Ironically, though, my fave is the top pic of the wicker patio furniture and ocean view. Nice.

Yoga Gal said...

Thanks for the comment a.decker!
You have to scroll down and hitolder post about four times to get the whole show.
I agree sitting on the upper deck of the hotel's patio and watching the sun set into the ocean while sipping a cocktail was my favorite part of my trip.