Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Four Nobel Truths


The Four Nobel Truths

1. Life is sufferring.
2. Suffering has a cause and an effect.
3. Suffering can be overcomed by karma (action)
4. The karma to cease suffering is following the Eightway Path.

I've been struggling with the idea that was brought up while in my group therapy class. One person, who is very Eastern in thought stated that there are no accidents in our life, that our karma leads us to all disasters in our life. Of cousre this rather a blanket statement, there are acts of nature or God that we humans have no power over and what happens to children or war victims has nothing to do with their own humble karma. But there are some truth to that statement. I was reading through my journals and read how a woman at my yoga studio reported that a young school girl had been brutally rape just weeks before I was attacked near the same area I was also attacked at.

While doing my teacher's training there , we all were warned not to walk alone to are cars during the evening. And just a week before I was attacked a fellow male yoga teacher was robbed at knife point in the same alley I was attacked. Why, oh why didn't I listen?

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon, and I should not had taken the short cut through the alley. But it was hot, high noon and I was exhausted. I thougt I would be safe but I should had been wised enough not to be tempted to take such a short cut. I was an easy mark for the two homeless men one grabbing me by my injured right arm, I was in too much pain pain to fight them off. Still, I should had known better.

Healing is taking a long time. I didn't want to go to the Comic Con but I was told that a way to being whole again I must take chances and go out of my comfort zone. So I went. I stayed the Hotel Del Coronado, a lovely place. I had a very quite corner room, so I never heard my neighbors take a shower on their noises at night but there was a hallway above my room so wherever people walked through the hallway to go to the room it sounded as if someone was breaking into my room. I didn't get much sleep but latley I rarely get much sleep. Still haunted by nightmares.

Bless you all for your kind words! They are a great comfort! Blessings & Love.
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Hammer said...

I'm so sorry you had to endure that. I hope the healing process continues.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure I entirely believe that we are masters of our own destiny. Yes, it's wise to be cautious, especially as a woman in a world where men exercise no self-restraint and consider only themselves, but that attack was in NO WAY your fault. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Human males are the only species on earth who behave worse than brute beasts. In fact, the animal kingdom behaves much better. They don't want to deal with the ugliness of their nature ... blaming women and taking it out on women only adds to their shame as a species.
I see Nasa are investigating putting a colony on Mars ... yay! Lets ship all males back there ... where they belong. At last! Lol!

Vwriter said...

I, too, am very sorry that you had to experience violence. What a horrible moment in your life.

For many years I have been a martial arts and yoga practitioner, and I am still appalled by the violence that people inflict on others.

What is especially disturbing to me is the statement by a person in your therapy class that "our Karma leads us to all disasters in our life." Eastern thought is so diverse that it carries as many bad interpretations as does Western religion.

The error of such statements is that it implies that the person who has been assaulted or violated is somehow responsible. "Karma" or "God's Will" are ways that people throw out to pass judgment or to hide from facing the fact that terrible things can happen for no defensible reason. There is no excuse for what was done to you and, more especially, it was not a cosmic judgment against you.

And although I have much respect for the Buddhist teachings, Life is not just suffering. There is joy to life, and I wish that you share in it.

Princess in Galoshes said...

There is nothing anyone could ever do to karmically deserve that kind of violence. I'm sorry, but do not let your mind even go there. And it sucks that you weren't even able to walk to your car safely in the middle of the day. I hope you can find a good studio in a better part of town.