Saturday, November 15, 2008

City on fire, city on fire...

"Smoke, smoke, sign of the devil, sign of the devil
City on fire..." Sweeny Todd

Now I have an idea of what the people of Pompeii must had felt during those last final days. The air is thick with smoke and you can feel the pressure on your chest, the skies are datk and ash is falling everywhere. The Santa Ana winds (a wind the great writer Raymond Chandler called the devil winds) has brought on fires. And they're all over the city from the exclusive coast village of Montecito to Anahiem. Wherever I look there is smoke, all the freeways are bumper, bumper traffic and the air smells like a gaint bonfire. My home is safe due to the fact that I'm a flat lander, I always wanted a home in the hills and in Southern California there are hills everywhere, but there is a price to pay for a house with a view. Brush fires when those Santa Ana winds blow in the hot dry season. The writer was wise to call these winds devil wind.
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Bridget Jones said...

Stay safe, YG! Glad you're not a hill person.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty awful price to pay if your dream home with a view goes up in smoke. You are wise to stay flat. Hope it doesn't last long and the air clears for everyone soon.