Sunday, November 2, 2008

The lights are on but no one's home


As I stated before, when ghost hunting sometimes all you have to do is look into your own backyard.

Just a few miles up from my home in Whittier, there is a small park that was once a graveyard to the founding families of the small once Quaker town of Whittier, California While growing up I always notice that in the evening there is always a mist over the park. Never thought about it much ,until I read that people believe that the mist isn't a fog of nature but the spirits of the undead upset because their tombstones have been removed. (Reminds me of Neil Gaiman's new novel "The Graveyard Book" in the chapter where a witch asks the young hero to mark her burial place with a tombstone). For some strange reason the City Council decided to change the graveyard into a city park. The tombstones were relocated to Rose Hills Cemetery but not the remains of the dearly departed. So now it is believed that the reatless souls of the dead wander the once gravesite in search of their tombstones.

Can't blame them, judging from the looks of these huge stone gravestones they must had cost the family a bundle to buy.

There are two large monuments with the names written in brass stating the names of the people who are buried there but I guess that's not the same to the dead that rest (or unrest) there?

The photo is of some of the relocated tomstones.
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Seraphine said...

i've always believed graveyards should be parks, or even better, forests.
but but but... it's so strange to relocate grave markers. i guess in one sense, it doesn't matter. in a few years, nobody living will remember the deceased anyway.
but in another sense, it's taking the face off the dead. it dishonors them.
the fog indeed might be the dead misting the grass where the stones once stood.

Anonymous said...

Must be a shame if you are a spirit and can't remember who you were except for a marker on a gravestone. I wonder if thats why they call them the Mists of Time?