Thursday, November 20, 2008

When you're a jet...


It appears this hard ecomony has effected the tickets sales on Broadway and many shows are closing. "Spamalot" now starring that American Idol, Clay Aiken and "Hair Spray" will soon be closing. Not surprsied, tickets averaging $175.00 is far too high a price to pay for two hours of song and dance. And that's not not counting cab fare and dinner! "West Side Story" is going to open on Broadway soon and wonder who wants to see an old show for such high prices.

And the screen writers are miffed because they claim they're not getting download royalties as promised in the new contract. Knew that wasn't going to be easy for the studios to do. And the actors are now talking about going on strike during award season, which seems more like career suicide. Winning those awards that no one really cares about (can you name what won Best Picture last year?) are what gives actors their clout to bargain for such high salaries. Let's face it most films are mindless trash, a new drug of fantasy to keep the masses from rebelling from the conditions corporate greed put our ecomony in.

Neil Gaiman posted on his blog, a few months back, a signing he did while in Washington D.C. And there were these two, young, silly, attactive young women of voting age, giggling and stating to him that seeing him was more important to them than concerning their empty little heads with the politics that was going on around them. Now, I've greatly enjoy reading Neil Gaiman's wonderful works (his short stories are great gems of Fantasy and Magic) but it's because of "Politics" and those individuals holding political office who fight for such ideals of "Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech" that gives me the freedom to enjoy reading such works as Fantasy, Msytery, History or whatever book I please.

Writers are our treasures but we must also be interested in politics and who is elected in those seats to protect our treasures and Civil Rights.

Oh well, the Market keeps going down, the American Auto companies are asking for "we the people" to pay for their bad management (while the auto bosses fly to Washington D.C. on PRIVATE JETS!), major business chains like Circut City and Meryrn's are closing down leaving hundreds without jobs; looks like hard times are here! What can we do? Maybe we should have a revolution?
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Anonymous said...

History repeats ... and not usually the good stuff ... so if folk end up starving in the sts because of these greedy folk at the head of these Corps, then a revolution might be just what they get. Here is hoping the "new" powers that be can head it off at the pass ... in true blue movie fashion.
Yep, your right. I couldn't tell you what won last years best picture. There hasn't been anything good put out in 10-15 years, so I don't bother even going to the movies anymore.
We are all ok here down under in "Kiwiland" ... the floods were over in Ozzie and I think the worst is over now.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!
I know the economy is affecting Canada as well.
I live close to Toronto, and retail sales are way down, which is bizarre, especially nearing the X-mas season.

I'm thinking we need more of an "evolution".

Dr. Jay SW said...

I'm inclined to think that there's sufficient room in anyone's head for both fantasy and the grittiest political fact, they seem to form a necessary balance, for me at least....

$175 is about what I'd pay to go back in time and see Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival, certainly not yet-another-production of West Side Story a play that reached perfection at my high school in 1984....