Friday, November 14, 2008

Three little words


One thing that is so frustrating about living in the greater L.A. area, is the fact that the best laid schemes can be totally discarded by not being able to find a parking space! I really wanted to go to yoga class this afternoon but I just couldn't find a bloody parking space! So after circling around the buidling four times, like a shark after it's prey, I just said screw it and went to the supermarket and then to a local sports bar for an ice cold comos. It's November but the heat is back! In the 90's today! While sipping my pretty, red drink the bartender gave all us bar flies a slip of paper and asked us to write three things we could never get enough of. Well, this was a sports bar you can imagine what one item was on all the guy's list. Sex ofcourse , maybe not number 1 on the list but on the list, some added money but one guy said something rather profound, he wrote down "Time". How true; you can never have too much time! As a matter of fact I feel there is never enough time in a day!

My list had books, champagne, and love. Not in that order.

What would be on your list?

By the way this isn't a photo of me in the sports bar but a detailed shot of a painting at the Norton Simon Museum titled "The Wedding at Cana".
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Aggie said...

Time, yes at #1, Love and good health with which to enjoy it would be my choices.

Yoga Gal said...

Good health is a blessing! Good call aggie!

Cat said...

Snuggles health and sleep.

Sacred Suzie said...

Love, laughter and joy.

I think you were meant to go to that bar and have a spiritual moment with a drink in your hand surrounded by men.

I'm glad you're going to have a new president soon too!

Bridget Jones said...

What a great picture and post. Aggie's right on as usual...mine would be love (#1!), good health and dogs.

goatman said...

I would have to go with air, water, and the occasional surprise.
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