Monday, August 6, 2007

Death takes a holiday

This photo was taken at the Comic Con , it was huge wall to wall poster at Dark Horse of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I entered the somewhat twisted world of the Dream King viva his novels. My ex had his book "American Gods" around and one day out of sheer boredom I picked it up and got hooked like a junkie to crack and get my daily fix from his blog. Really, very interesting to read. It's not just in your face self-promotion but really insights and daily life of a very interesting writer.

Oaky, enough about fandom!

During the Con I would see these guys dressed as jedi knights, strom troppers, pirates and super heros and wondering what is the male attraction? These super hero never seem to have much luck with women. Luke Skywalker didn't get the girl (okay she was his sister - which I though was a rip off) but he didn't get any girl! Superman you would think have any woman he wanted and makes me wonder what he sees in Lois Lane. All seem somewhat awkward with beautiful women and not cool at all. So guys why are you dressing up as them? They certainly looked cute dressed up though.
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Ash said...

Interesting shot. Very cool!
Gaiman mania here :-)

Clare said...

Comic Con sounds like it was so much fun -- I know some people that go to it and I'd love to go someday too. Your photos of it were really cool.

cherry girl said...

After reading about all the fun you've been having at the comic con I'm going to look out for any that are near me in the UK - there was always a nerd element before, but since I am in fact a nerd and am enjoying this new (to me) element of writing and art, it seems perfect for me. Just finished reading Anansi Boys and am keen to read more of neil gaimans books!