Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're having a heat wave..

If I have to heard one more time the question:"Is it hot enough for you?" I think I'll throw up! Okay; it's hot, but "HELLO!" It's summer! This is how it's suppose to be. Hot! Kind of wish I was a kid again and spend all day playing on a slip & slide or in a sprinkler! Talk about the simple pleasures. Yes, it's hot but it's not humid and cools down in the evening. Count your blessings!
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bluegreen dragonfly said...

I live in texas where we usually have 100 degree days for months and months. Well, after uncharacteristic torrential downpours and days and days of gun metal skys, I am actually really grateful for the heat and days of sunshine..it finally feels like summer. and love the pic of the fish-it looks so refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, same here.
The humidity is what ruins it for me. Those days where you just cannot leave the air conditioning...blah.
Beautiful, fresh pic...love it!

Paper Fan Club said...

I recently read a line in a book:
"humidity feels like a hundred people touching me." Ick! Hope it cools down soon, or that you're in close proximity to Slurpees.

Yoga Gal said...

Great line paper fan club ! Humidiity does feel like a hundred people touching me with hot and sticky hands! Gross!