Thursday, August 2, 2007

It came from outer space...

Despite the fact I'm back to the real world of yoga, freeways and just general realityI'm still haunted by events of the Comic Con. Yesterday, after my yoga class decided to have sushi for lunch. As I sat sipping my beer (hey I'm a yogini but I'm human) three studio girls from the Paramount lot came in, designer purses and BlackBerries in hand. They spoke in a mind numbing speed, while they ordered and texted messaged like women possessed. At one point they brought up the subject of "StarDust" and the premier on Sunday. One stated that she heard Neil Gaiman complained at the after party that he was stuck at one spot because everyone wanted to talk to him. "AND THAT IS A PROBLEM; BECAUSE?" stated two other women in unison. This was hard to believe, for I've just spend a week watching the great writer flash by and he was ALWAYS gracious to everyone who went up to him. Now, he may had sigh and lamented that he couldn't just enjoyed himself with his two children and eat the foods and just mingle like a regular party guest. It must be a pain to always have people fuss over you. It must always be a pain to always be so kind and gracious. Then this very beautiful young woman was giving a thrid person account and could be full of beans! Studio types do like to boast about information they don't really know to make them sound more important! No sounder had this story been dropped that one of the woman got a text message about the great talent. writer. I felt a bit of Black Berry envy, would had loved to read that text Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers! Then the subject of Stardust was dropped and they started to name drop so quickly I felt like I was listening the "E" station on light speed. All the time while they eat their sushi and sipped their Green Ice tea they never stopped text messaging! They wolfed down their food so quicky I don't know how they could enjoy their meal! No wonder so many of these studio girls take yoga classes at Center for Yoga; they need to just relax and say 'OM"!
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Crik said...

Ahhh - this story reminds me of why I don't miss L.A. as much as I used to.
I would get sooo annoyed with the "Hollywood-one-up-man-ship"!
Glad you got to enjoy your beer and got some free "E"ntertainment!