Saturday, August 25, 2007

A room with a view....

Photo has nothing to do with the subject matter but I like the photo I took from my balcony while I was staying in San Diego.

One thing I enjoy about having a local sports bar to hang out in after yoga class is the fact you have a small town, community feeling about the regulars. I've seen people get married, get divorced, fall in love, fall out of love, change jobs, bitch about their jobs and reveal secrets about their lives. It's great character study.

One thing I've notice, why do people gain weight when they get married? This is just not a female problem, I've seen it in men sock on the pounds as well after they have slipped on that wedding band!

Hell, I attended a gay wedding a few years ago of two very old college friends and since they've been married to each other they have balloned! Don't even want to think of those two doing the wild thing! Like watching whales mate in Sea World! And when I was college pals with on of those guys he had his mouth wired so he could lose weight, which he did!

Today, a guy who has been MIA since he got married returned to his old watering hole. His wife was out shopping with her girlfriends. When I first met him (pre - marriage days) he was in real good shape, he went to the local very high end gym in town. Now he has gained a lot of weight! He's damn, chubby and here was a guy who use to jog to his gym!

Weight Watchers should warn people , you want to lose weight? Don't get married!
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Greggo said...

i think most people stay in shape in order to attract a mate. i guess they figure once they have one, they don't need to worry about their appearance - or their weight - anymore! i've gained maybe 10-15 pounds since i got married 6 years ago, which isn't too bad. i hope. lol.

btw, thanks for the comment on the photo. :-)

Hammer said...

greggo is correct.

The gain after marriage is due to prosperity and often the body will shift to a different mode to pack on pounds for possible hard times.

Yoga Gal said...

I'm certain that havin a body of a lean mean love machine makes one more attractive to attracting a mate. But the Diet Industry is a billion dollar business in this country and when I worked in the office "I'm on a diet" was my co-workers mantra and most were married men and women who already had mates. I know being involved in a "relationship" can be very stressful! I gained 20 pounds when I was in a last relationship becuase there was so much conflict between the two of use and I ate out of frustration. Judging from my married girlfriends marriage is work! I'm now relationship free and 40 pounds thinner and I'm not looking for a mate. Just a view from a board. Love you guys!

bluegreen dragonfly said...

I agree with greggo for the most part but I don't think it's conscious, I think it's very subtle. I also think this ismore likely to happen if you don't live together before you get married-my fiance and I both gained weight when we moved in together because all of a sudden, you are officially 'a couple' which means dinners cooked, dinners out, etc whereas prior to that, maybe I'd see him for dinner and maybe I wouldn't. It took awhile to get it back off and it took a committment on both of our parts to do so.

My-Art said...

Great photo, the Moon is waxing gibbous next the flying flag.

Love it.


Ash said...

Beautiful image.

I agree with you. It could probably be the stress and the emotional eating.

claytonia vices said...

A read a recent study that getting married gives you that feeling of stability (and complacence about fitness??) and you gain weight... wonder how far THAT is true after reading about gaining weight due to stress... I personally tend to lose weight under stress and gain when feeling happy... I guess there are two categories here and both of them end up gaining wt after marriage!!! Lol!!